CTPL Round 16 & Women's Round 3 Preview
Date of Event : Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:32PM

Kookaburra Cup Grand Final positions are on the line this weekend, with Lindisfarne, South Hobart/Sandy Bay clear at the top of the table, yet still vulnerable to potentially strong finishing University and Kingborough sides.  No teams travel around the State this weekend as Greater Northern take the bye.



Lindisfarne host Clarence at Lindisfarne Oval, with Clarence hoping to snatch a victory to push them towards the top of the ladder.  Sitting in third place on equal points with Lindisfarne and SHSB, this match likely sees one of the current top three teams relegated to a position well down the ladder.  North Hobart take on Kingborough at the TCA, with a determined Kingborough side looking for a win to keep them in the hunt for a Grand Final berth.  Poised in fifth position on the ladder, a strong finish to the back half of the season has the potential to catapult them in to the top two.



A bottom of the table clash sees Glenorchy travel to New Town Oval with both sides vying for their first win in the Kookaburra Cup season.  With three rounds remaining in the One Day competition, both teams will be looking to ensure they claim the points and move away from wooden spoon contention.  SHSB takes on a determined University outfit at Queenborough Oval, in a match that could have large ramifications come finals time.  University are still in the mix for a top two finish if they can perform at their best, while SHSB will be looking for a convincing win to cement their place in the echelons of the table.


Lindisfarne (1) v Clarence (3)

Lindisfarne: T Martyn(c), M Backhouse, D West, J Steele, B Jones, S Holland, M Bigwood, R Backhouse, D Hay, M Owen, Z Adams

Clarence: H Allanby(c), J Dinnie, A Smith, C Workman, L Devlin, D Salpietro, N Absolom, W Irvine, I Salter, D Meredith, A Treanor


North Hobart (7) v Kingborough (5)

North Hobart: C Jewell(c), A Pyecroft, R Macmillan, C Murfet, T Rogers, R Graham-Daft, N Davis, J Doran, L Batchelor, R May, K Applebee

Kingborough: T Martyn(c), M Backhouse, D West, J Steele, B Jones, S Holland, M Bigwood, R Backhouse, D Hay, M Owen, Z Adams


New Town (9) v Glenorchy (8)

New Town: H Williams(c), M Dyson, R Lees, J Kessell, J Vince, J Randall, T Millhouse, S Wright, T Mupariwa, A Keeling, T Willmott

Glenorchy: N Matthews(c), T Coates, M Dilger, J Bowen, J Kaye, B Mayne, N Kavinda, U Butt, F Raja, A Mirza, D Moody


South Hobart/Sandy Bay (2) v University (4)

SHSB: M Clark, A Doolan, H Nichols, S Milenko, C Oakes, S Martin, K Hine, R West, C Kuepper, W Thompson, G Bell

University: N Grubb(c), J Bilson, S Leon, N van de Werken, C Brown, A Kealy, M Saracino, J Hortle, J Clifford, J Di Venuto, J Greenwood



 Women’s Round 3 Kookaburra Cup


Round 3 of the Premier League Women’s Kookaburra Cup promises to be an exciting one, as Pool A and Pool B confirm their top place finishers who will be progressing to the Grand Final at Blundstone Arena on the 23rd of February.


Pool A results and which team receives a Grand Final berth will not be resolved until after Round 3, with the potential for Clarence and University to jump into first position should circumstances and bonus points fall in their favour.


Unfortunately, due to unavailability of players, Lindisfarne forfeits this weakens match to Clarence.


 A top of the table clash promises an action-packed match, as University hosts New Town at University Oval.  With New Town four points clear at the top of the table, second placed University will need to achieve maximum points as well as bonus points to leap into first position and a spot in the Grand Final, while also hoping that Lindisfarne can put up a strong fight against Clarence to knock them out of contention.



In Pool B, Kingborough sit comfortably at the top of the table, hosting a bottom placed North Hobart side at Kingston Twin Ovals.  With 11 points on the board and sitting 5 points clear of second placed SHSB, Kingborough will be confident in their ability to make it a clean sweep of the One Day matches, while North Hobart will be looking for an upset and their first win in the Cup.  SHSB travel to KGV Oval to face a winless Glenorchy side and will look to knock them off with a big win to achieve maximum points from the round as well as two bonus points, which could put them in a position to make a run at equal points with Kingborough should that side fail to register a win. Glenorchy on the other hand will be hopeful of securing their first victory in the One Day format at home.



Pool A


University (2) v New Town (1)

University: S Moloney(c), K Fryett, M Blazely, A Day, C Scott, J Triffitt, S Birch, D Srinivas, L Maddock, A Clifford, C Abel, J Crowden

New Town: TBC


Pool B

Kingborough (1) v North Hobart (4)

Kingborough: E Divin(c), L Hepburn, B Hepburn, R Styles, B Davies, A Small, L Wierenga, L Hay, E Coad, M Harrison, A Kelly, N Carter

North Hobart: E Marsh(c), B Doyle, S Daffara, H Short, B Page, T Purton, K Palfrey, M Armstrong, J Davis, M Banks, K Byers, B Langston, E Johnstone


Glenorchy (3) v South Hobart/Sandy Bay (2)

Glenorchy: TBC

SHSB: B Dodd(c), C Hall, K Court, B Schiwy, A Green, L Astell, C Assmann, S Cartwright, A Hartley, C Bullen, C Squires

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