Team Improvement the Key
Date of Event : Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:24PM

Opening bat Keegan Oates is confident that the Kookaburra Cup experience is a great team building opportunity for the Cricket Tasmania Under 19’s.


Hobart and Launceston will be hosting the Under 19 National Championships in December and the Under 19’s will be keen to get their first win in the Kookaburra Cup his weekend when they take on Lindisfarne.


Oates is confident that the involvement of the team in the Kookaburra cup competition will benefit them. “I believe it’s a good idea and it gives you more games under your belt. Greater exposure to 1st Grade and 1st Class players prior to the tournament will better prepare us for the standard of competition that we'll face at the National Championships."


Oates who plays for his native Lindisfarne this weekend against the Under 19's, will hope to improve on the returns that he produced for the Under 19's in the opening rounds. He managed 4 in game one against a Kingborough attack that featured Jackson Bird, Nick Buchanan, Clive Rose and former Tasmanian Under 19's Alex Vincent and Rhys Ward. The following day he managed 27 against North Hobart. 


While the Under 19's will be striving for victories in the Kookaburra Cup competition, the National Championships are the priority for the team. “It would be great to win a couple of games but so long as we improve that’s the big thing leading in to (the Nationals)," Oates said. 


A full round of 50 over Kookaburra Cup action will be played out this weekend. For most it will be their first one-day match while North Hobart and Kingborough will be looking to build on their victories against Under 19's. All matches commence at 10:30am.



Saturday 14th October


Clarence  v North Hobart @ Kangaroo Bay Oval

Clarence: H Allanby(c), D Salpietro, M Jones, L Devlin, B Rohrer, W Irvine, J Dinnie, C Stevenson, F Seymour, S Rainbird, J Hickey, N Absolom

North Hobart: A Pyecroft(c), J White, J Doran, D Rawlings, C Jewell, R Macmillan, K Scrimegour, R May, S Bunce, L Drury, S Lewis-Johnson, L Williams


Kingborough v SHSB @ Kingston Twin Ovals

Kingborough: N Freitag(c), C Rose, C Wheatley, T Martyn, D West, J Steele, R Backhouse, D Hay, J Pride, A Vincent, R Ward

SHSB: S Willis(c), H Nichols, K Wisniewski, W Thompson, M Clark, S Martin, H Kingston, X Doherty, L Fraser, G Bell, J Bowerman, M McKiernan

Lindisfarne v Glenorchy @ Lindisfarne Oval

Lindisfarne: L Doran(c), M Dance, K Oates, J Odgers, J Grubb, J Freeman, D Waddington, N Ellis, A Marr, T Briscoe, D Chapman, J Steele

Glenorchy: N Matthews(c), T Spotswood, R Dilger, M Dilger, B Absolom, J Bowen, J Whiteley, Z Towns, J Kaye, K Applebee, J Kooran


New Town v University of Tasmania @ Ferguson Park

New Town: L Shelton(c), J Hancock, J Doyle, B Loveluck, M Dyson, N Wegman, R Lees, A Summers, J Randall, K Denby, T Mupariwa

University of Tasmania: C Hansen(c), A Perrin, G Kerr, L Johnston, R Lockyear, N van de Werken, A Kealy, M Shinwari, J Freeman, J Laraman, J Greenwood, J Bilson



Sunday 15th October


Lindisfarne v CT Under 19's @ Lindisfarne Oval

Lindisfarne: B McDermott(c), J Grubb, T Briscoe, M Dance, L Doran, D Chapman, N Ellis, J Odgers, K Oates, C Wakim, M Wilkie

Cricket Tasmania Under 19's: D Hay(c), N van de Werken, K Applebee, J Kaye, J Harris, S Lewis-Johnson, L Drury, J Freeman, D Rawlings, L Griggs, J Beattie, C Kuepper

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