150+ Years of History
Date of Event : Thu Oct 5, 2017 5:06PM
Wellington CC Circa 1899

Cricket Tasmania is excited to make public the historical databases of the Detail First CTPL Men's 1st Grade and Women's competitions. 


The database for the Detail First CTPL Men's 1st Grade competition stretches back to 1866 when the competition was first formed between Wellington CC, Break O'Day CC and Derwent CC. 


Over time the competition fluctuated in both grades structures and participating clubs with a number of clubs coming and going from the competition but in 1923/24, the first of the current CTPL Clubs, New Town and North Hobart (known as North West Hobart at the time) joined the competition. 


Glenorchy CC and Kingborough (known as Kingston at the time) were the next of the current clubs to be included in the competition, both joining in 1931 and it was a further 25 years before Clarence entered the competition. University followed shortly after (1961) before the merger of South Hobart and Sandy Bay in (1987). Lindisfarne were the last of the current clubs to join, entering in 1992 after Brighton left in 1991.


The database of matches, diligently and dutifully put together by Brian Mitchell, is a remarkable resource that includes matches from 1866 through to the most recent matches played this year. It provides rich history of all players to have played 1st Grade and is a great asset for the cricketing public, particularly now that it is available online. 


The Women's competition, which commenced in 2009/10 has also been fully documented in a separate database. 


CT will continue working with the developers to grow the number of reports that the public can generate from the database to make the most of the exhaustive information.  


Some of the remarkable statistics:


Highest Innings Total: Break O'Day against Wellington in 1902 scored 911 all out

Lowest Innings Total: Wellington against Derwent in 1872 scored 7/7. 

Top Total Run Scorer: Ron Morrisby 19,170 runs in 360 matches

Top Individual Score: Charles Eady scored 566 for Break O'Day in the 1902 match against Wellington 

Most Dismissals in the 90s: Ron Morrisby with 10

Top Total Wicket Taker: Gerald James took 949 wickets in 322 matches

Best Individual Bowling in a Match: Richard Sams took 18/81 for Wellington CC against Old New Town in 1896.

Top Wicket-Keeping: Todd Pinnington for North Hobart with a total 394 dismissals






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