The CTPL By-Laws and Playing Conditions govern the requirements of clubs, players, coaches and officials in the CTPL and define the conditions, in addition to the Laws of Cricket, under which matches are played. By clicking the below you will be able to view and download that respective section. Any amendments that occur throughout the season will also be documented further below.




Laws of Cricket

CTPL By-Laws & Playing Conditions


Introduction, CT Staff, Club Contacts & Grounds


Rules and By-Laws


Code of Behaviour



1st & 2nd Grade Two-Day Playing Conditions


3rd Grade and Under 17's Two-Day Playing Conditions


Two & Three Day Finals Playing Conditions



1st & 2nd Grade One-Day Playing Conditions


3rd Grade and Under 17's One-Day Playing Conditions


Under 15's One-Day Playing Conditions


Women's One-Day Playing Conditions



1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade and Under 17's Twenty20 Playing Conditions


Under 15's Twenty20 Playing Conditions


Women's Twenty20 Playing Conditions


Women's Development Twenty20 Playing Conditions


40's & Over Twenty20 Playing Conditions 



Appendix A - Clearance Appeals


Appendix B - Super Over


Appendix C, D & E - Field and Pitch Markings


Appendix F - CTPL Hall Of Fame


Appendix G - Spirit of Cricket 


Appendix H - Umpire's Code of Conduct


Appendix I - Coach's Code of Conduct 


Appendix J - Captain's Code of Conduct


Appendix K - Ground, Weather and Light Guidelines


Appendix L - Concussion & Head Trauma Guidelines


Appendix M - CT Doubtful Bowling Action


Any amendments to the By-Laws and Playing Conditions that are not reflected in the printed copies or the published PDF versions will be displayed below. Any amendments listed below will also be communicated to clubs separately. 



Coaches Entering Field of Play (All Grades and Formats)


Captains of teams through all CTPL grades are responsible for upholding the spirit of cricket and throughout the course of the match managing their team and their performance. Allowing the captain to do this themselves throughout a match helps develop the skills required of them.


Except when necessary (ie in the event of an injured player) and at scheduled drinks breaks only, coaches are not permitted to enter the field of play. In the event a coach does enter the field of play during a scheduled drinks break, they should only address players from their club and comply with all instructions from umpires respectively. Coaches are also not permitted to be coaching players from the sidelines. All CTPL coaches are bound by the CTPL Code of Behaviour and the Coach’s Code of Conduct (Appendix I of the By-Laws & Playing Conditions).




Women's Development Grade Amendments


Women’s Development Grade

  • Clubs can submit a dispensation request to the Premier League Manager (simply involving the Players Name, Date of Birth, MyCricket ID and Player Statistics via MyCricket) to allow players over the age of 17 as at the 31st of August to double up in Women’s 1st Grade and Women’s Development Grade in the same round/weekend.
  • The limit of four players over the age of 21 (i.e. 22 years and older) as at the 31st of August remains in place.
  • Under 17’s may double up as per usual


Women’s Kookaburra Cup Finals Eligibility

  • To be eligible to participate in either Women’s Kookaburra Cup Division One or Division Two final, a player must have played in at least two (2) matches in the respective Division during the season.
  • In the event of a forfeited or abandoned match where a ball has not been bowled, CT will enable the impacted teams (excluding a team responsible for a forfeit) the opportunity to submit dispensation request for finals eligibility.


Women’s Permit System (Changes in Red)

  1. Player Permit System – Women’s Kookaburra Cup
  1. Clubs may apply for a ‘Permit’ for an eligible player registered with another club to participate with the club for the Women’s Kookaburra Cup competition, subject to the below.
  2. The player’s club is not participating in the same Division of the Kookaburra Cup.
  3. The permit applies to the entirety of the Kookaburra Cup competition in that season, and does not apply to Twenty20 matches in that season.
  4. Applications must be submitted through the prescribed format two weeks (14 days) prior to the commencement of the Kookaburra Cup Competition.  
  5. Should a player who has been permitted to a Division One club not be selected for a match they are entitled to return to their original Division Two club except where (f) below applies.
  6. During a weekend in which a Division One club has a bye, a player will be ineligible to play a Division Two match taking place in the same weekend if they have played more than 60% of their Kookaburra Cup matches with the Division One club with a bye. Refer to By-Law 12(5) eligibility table.
  7. Refer to By-Law 12(4)(d)(i) for finals eligibility.




Duckworth Lewis Stern - CTPL Men's & Women 's 1st Grade & CTPL 2nd Grade (One-Day Matches)


PC 29.3 & 57.3


The following shall apply in addition to Law 16.2;


A result can only be achieved if both teams have had the opportunity of batting for at least 10 overs. The team scoring the highest number of runs shall be declared the winner.


If due to a suspension in play the number of overs in the first and/or second innings is reduced, the Duckworth/Lewis/Stern system will be used to calculate the revised target score.


In all matches in which DLS applies, scorers should produce a DLS sheet at the innings break and provide to umpires and captains.



20.3      SATIS 1st and 2nd XI Replacement Players

  • Should any player eligible for a CTPL 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade match be required by their school in the SATIS 1st or 2nd XI competition, the club shall be entitled to replace the player on the corresponding days without the consent of the opposition captain.
  • As CT do not directly administer the SATIS competition (unlike CT Representative Players highlighted in By-Law 20.1), clubs must receive permission and approval from the Premier League Manager by 12noon Friday prior to the weekend on which they are intending to participate in Premier Cricket. Evidence that the player is going to, or has, participated in a SATIS match (i.e. scorecard, team sheet) must also be supplied to CT.
  • A player (“the original player”) taking part in a Premier League match that has already commenced before being required for SATIS 1st or 2nd XI match may be replaced by another player eligible to play for the club (hereinafter referred to as “the replacement player”). The replacement player must match the original player in terms of being recognized as a bowler, batter, wicket keeper or all-rounder. The information of the replacement player should be added to the team sheet/s and also must be mentioned in the umpires match report.
  • The replacement player will take the role of the original player in every respect (with the exception of underage bowling limits which are applicable to each individual based on their age), including the right to;
    1. Bat (where the replaced player has not already been dismissed, or immediately complete an innings that the replaced player has commenced.)
    2. Bowl,
    3. Wicket Keep
  • The replacement player’s name must be placed on the team sheet next to the original player. Should the original player return prior to the close of the match; he may resume his place in every respect except;
    1. the right to bat in an innings in which his replacement has already been dismissed.
    2. in a limited overs match the right to bowl overs in the allocated quota already completed by the replacement player
  • Neither the replacement nor original player can participate in any other grade in the same round or weekend, unless doing so in U/17’s or U/15’s accordance with By-Law 12(1)(d) & 12(1)(e) or as a representative replacement in accordance with By-Law 20.1. If participating in U/17’s or U/15’s this must be in addition to the senior grade as replacement in those Grades is not permitted under By-Law 20.2.
  • It is the responsibility of the Club to obtain approval for a player as per 20.3 (a) above. It is the team captain’s responsibility to convey that information to the umpires and opposing captain at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the days play.
  • Each participating player’s performance must be recorded separately in accordance with By-Law 35.1(3).
  • Replacement players are not permitted in Twenty20 matches.
  • Player must be registered as per By-Law 9.