Jim Stevens was the best and most decorated umpire in the TCA grade competition from 1965 until his retirement in 1981, reflected by his appointment in a remarkable twelve 1st Grade Grand Finals during his fifteen years officiating in Tasmania. Over that period he umpired in excess of 150 1st Grade matches.


His first Grand Final, in his first season following his transfer from Victoria, was the 1965/66 decider standing with Fred Hay where Sandy Bay held on for a draw against North Hobart to claim the premiership, and last was in 1980/81 standing with Alan Jones when Sandy Bay defeated South Hobart by 25 runs.


He umpired at First Class level, stood in the famous Gillette Cup Final at the TCA Ground in 1979, won by Tasmania, and, also in 1979, became the first Tasmanian umpire to stand in a One-Day International in a match between Australia and England in Sydney