Hall of Fame - Ronald O.G. Morrisby

Ronald O.G. Morrisby


Ron Morrisby is the most prolific batsmen in the competition’s history.


Ron’s club cricket career began when he debuted for South Hobart at the age of just 15 in 1930.  He went on to play for twenty-five seasons and 295 games with South Hobart, amassing 16,083 runs.  He then transferred to Clarence when the club joined the competition in 1956 playing a further 65 games and scoring 3,087 runs.


Ron’s career record of 360 matches, 19,170 runs with amazing 48 centuries, and leading run scorer in seventeen seasons are all competition records.  No-one’s come within cooee of that record or is likely to do so.


He was involved in five premierships at South Hobart including three consecutive wins from 1936 to 1938.  He captained the club to its 1945 title.


For Tasmania Ron Morrisby played 51 matches, first captaining the state when aged 23; he remained captain for most matches until he retired from First-Class cricket in 1952.


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