The CTPL By-Laws and Playing Conditions govern the requirements of clubs, players, coaches and officials in the CTPL and define the conditions, in addition to the Laws of Cricket, under which matches are played. By clicking the below you will be able to view and download that respective section. Any amendments that occur throughout the season will also be documented further below.




Laws of Cricket

CTPL By-Laws & Playing Conditions 2018-19


Introduction, CT Staff, Club Contacts & Grounds


Rules and By-Laws


Code of Behaviour



1st & 2nd Grade Two-Day Playing Conditions


3rd Grade and Under 17's Two-Day Playing Conditions


Two & Three Day Finals Playing Conditions



1st & 2nd Grade One-Day Playing Conditions


3rd Grade and Under 17's One-Day Playing Conditions


Under 15's One-Day Playing Conditions


Women's One-Day Playing Conditions



1st, 2nd, 3rd Grade and Under 17's Twenty20 Playing Conditions


Under 15's Twenty20 Playing Conditions


Women's Twenty20 Playing Conditions


Girl's Under 17's Twenty20 Playing Conditions


Over 40's Twenty20 Playing Conditions 



Appendix A - Clearance Appeals


Appendix B - Super Over


Appendix C, D & E - Field and Pitch Markings


Appendix F - CTPL Hall Of Fame


Appendix G - Spirit of Cricket 


Appendix H - Umpire's Code of Conduct


Appendix I - Coach's Code of Conduct 


Appendix J - Captain's Code of Conduct


Appendix K - Ground, Weather and Light Guidelines


Appendix L - Concussion & Head Trauma Guidelines


Appendix M - CT Doubtful Bowling Action





Any amendments to the By-Laws and Playing Conditions that are not reflected in the printed copies or the published PDF versions will be displayed below. Any amendments listed below will also be communicated to clubs separately.