Awards - CTPL Hall of Fame

The CTPL Hall of Fame recognises achievements and/or service specifically within the Premier Cricket which would not necessarily be acknowledged through other Cricket Tasmania processes such as the Tasmanian Cricket Field of Fame and Life Membership of the Association.

Players, coaches, administrators, volunteers, teams and matches are considered based on achievements and service within Premier League.

Apart from this inaugural year when eight have been inducted, a maximum of three inductees will be considered by the Hall of Fame panel each year. 

Inductees are  announced at the Rodwell and Fazackerley Medals Dinner annually.



 2020-21 Inductees
 Player/CoachCTPL Career 
 Enrico Di VenutoView
 Bradley John ThomasView
 Artie Coombes View
 2019-20 Inductees
 PlayerCTPL Career
 Owen Arthur BurrowsView
 Noel V DiproseView
 Todd PinningtonView

 2018-19 Inductees

 UmpireCTPL Career 
 Lyndon J. Stevens


 Player CTPL Career
 Raymond K. BrownView
 Mark D. ColegraveView
 2017-18 Inductees
 PlayerCTPL Career 
 Adam W. PolkinghorneView
 Keith E. SchmidtView
 Alan C. NewtonView
 2016-17 Inductees
 PlayerCTPL Career
 Ian R. BevenView
 Reginald J. HawsonView
 Brian D. RichardsonView
 2015-16 Inductees
 PlayerCTPL Career
 Ken E.J. BurnView
 James A. DykesView
 Charles J. EadyView
 Gerald T.H. JamesView
 Ronald O.G. MorrisbyView
 Brian C. PattersonView
 Emerson E. RodwellView
 Roger D. WoolleyView



CTPL Hall of Fame Selection Process & Selection Committee

The Premier League Committee shall appoint and oversee a CTPL Hall of Fame Committee. The CTPL Hall of Fame Committee shall be responsible for determining inductees.


The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of;


·    Premier League Committee Chair (Chair)


·    One (1) Premier League Committee Member (Deputy Chair)

·    Three (3) appointed members

·    Premier League Manager or appointed CT staff member (non-voting Secretary)

·    The three appointed members shall be appointed for three (3) year terms.


In the event an appointed member resigns during their term, the Premier League Committee shall appoint a replacement member for the remaining period of the term.


The three appointed members shall be determined by the Premier League Committee, and shall be persons the Committee feel have appropriate experience and knowledge of the competition, and ability to work effectively on the Hall of Fame Committee to achieve the desired outcomes.


A member of the Hall of Fame Committee shall not vote for his or her induction into the Hall of Fame.



The CTPL Hall of Fame Committee shall call for nominations on an annual basis. Nominations can be submitted by any CTPL Club, the TCUSA, or internally by Cricket Tasmania staff or directors, or Premier League Committee members. Nominations shall be made via a written submission.


Selection Criteria

Players, Umpires, Coaches, Administrators, Volunteers, Teams and Matches will be considered based on their achievements and service within the Cricket Tasmania Premier League. Consideration shall be given to the candidate’s credentials within the CTPL only (not representative cricket).

The Hall of Fame Committee may consider a candidates individual record, ability, integrity, sportsmanship and character. The number of games played, coached, umpired or the years of service provided shall be taken into consideration, but shall not be conclusive in assessing a candidate’s eligibility

Candidates may be considered even if they have not retired from active participation in the CTPL, with the exception of players who must have been retired for a period of three (3) years.There shall be no particular order of precedence given to Hall of Fame inductees.

A maximum of three inductions can be made per year, (excluding the inaugural year in 2015-16).


Inductees shall be announced at the Rodwell and Fazackerley Medals Dinner annually.