History - CTPL First Grade Grand Finals


 Season  Premiers Runners-Up Player of the Final Scorecard  Report 
 2020-21 University North Hobart Tim Ward (University)ViewView
 2019-20 Lindisfarne  SHSB N/A (Match Abandoned)N/AView
 2018-19 Lindisfarne  Clarence  Ben McDermott (Lind) View View
 2017-18 Clarence North Hobart Daniel Salpietro (Clar)ViewView
 2016-17 SHSB North Hobart Gabe Bell (SHSB)ViewView
 2015-16 SHSB Kingborough George Bailey (SHSB)ViewView
 2014-15 Kingborough University Jackson Bird (King)ViewView
 2013-14 Glenorchy SHSB Luke Butterworth (Glen)ViewView
 2012-13 Glenorchy SHSB Henry Terry (Glen)ViewView
 2011-12 Clarence Kingborough Scott Kremerskothen (Clar)ViewView
 2010-11 Lindisfarne Clarence Brendan Drew (Lind)ViewView
 2009-10 North Hobart University Rhys Holmes (NH)ViewView
 2008-09 University North Hobart James Faulkner (Uni)ViewView
 2007-08 Kingborough Clarence David Dawson (King)ViewView
 2006-07 Kingborough SHSB David Dawson (King)ViewView
 2005-06 North Hobart Clarence Sean Clingeleffer (NH)ViewView
 2004-05 North Hobart Clarence Jon Dakin (NH)ViewView
 2003-04 Clarence Glenorchy Scott Mason (Clar)ViewView
 2002-03 Clarence Glenorchy Ben Harris (Clar)ViewView
 2001-02 North Hobart Kingborough Adam Griffith (NH)ViewView
 2000-01 Lindisfarne SHSB Shane Watson (Lind)ViewView
 1999-00 University Kingborough Martin Brown (Uni)ViewView
 1998-99  North Hobart University Ben Donaldson (NH)ViewView
 1997-98 Kingborough Clarence Gerard Denton (King)ViewView
 1996-97 Kingborough Clarence Michael Di Venuto (King)ViewView
 1995-96 North Hobart Clarence Myles Harry (NH)ViewView
 1994-95 Clarence North Hobart Roger Woolley (Clar)ViewView
 1993-94 North Hobart Glenorchy Chris O'Neill (NH)ViewView
 1992-93 North Hobart University Michael Di Venuto (NH)ViewView
 1991-92 North Hobart Clarence  Joe Holyman (NH)ViewView
 1990-91 Clarence Glenorchy Mark Colegrave (Clar)ViewView
 1989-90 Clarence Brighton  Peter McPhee (Clar)ViewView
 1988-89 Clarence Glenorchy Greg Campbell (Clar)ViewView
 1987-88 Clarence New Town Roger Woolley (Clar)ViewView
 1986-87 University Clarence Edine Baptiste (Uni)ViewView
 1985-86 University Clarence Ray Brown (Uni)ViewView
 1984-85 Clarence North Hobart Ian Huck (Clar)ViewView
 1983-84 Clarence Glenorchy Lindsay Davidson (Glen)ViewView
 1982-83 Clarence Glenorchy Ian Beven (Clar)ViewView
 1981-82 Clarence Glenorchy WashoutViewView
 1980-81 Sandy Bay South Hobart Steve Allie (SB)ViewView
 1979-80 South Hobart Clarence  Kevin Treweek (SH)ViewView
 1978-79 North Hobart Sandy Bay David Smith (SB)ViewView
 1977-78 University  Clarence Ray Brown (Uni)ViewView
 1976-77 Glenorchy South Hobart N/AViewView
 1975-76 Glenorchy New Town Michael Rodwell (Glen)ViewView
 1974-75 University Clarence Ray Brown (Uni)ViewView
 1973-74 Glenorchy Sandy Bay Mike Hyland (Glen)ViewView
 1972-73 North Hobart Sandy Bay Tony Benneworth (NH)ViewView
 1971-72 Kingborough New Town Michael Elliott (King)ViewView
 1970-71 North Hobart South Hobart Les Appleton (NH)ViewView
 1969-70 New Town
 Clarence  Leon Braslin (NT)ViewView
 1968-69 New Town Sandy Bay Peter Fyfe (NT)ViewView
 1967-68 New Town University Brian Eade (NT)ViewView
 1966-67 New Town North Hobart Ron Direen (NT)ViewView
 1965-66 Sandy Bay North Hobart Greg Brakey (NH)ViewView
 1964-65 New Town North Hobart Brian Eade (NT)ViewView
 1963-64 New Town Glenorchy Len Maddocks (NT)ViewView
 1962-63 Glenorchy North Hobart Emerson Rodwell (Glen)ViewView
 1961-62 New Town Glenorchy Robert Doran (NT)ViewView
 1960-61 Glenorchy North Hobart Doug Walton (Glen)ViewView
 1959-60 South Hobart Glenorchy  Ross Dufty (SH)ViewView
 1958-59 South Hobart Glenorchy  Robin Omond (SH)ViewView
 1957-58 Kingborough Glenorchy Trevor Gordon (King)ViewView
 1956-57 Glenorchy North Hobart Bill Murray (Glen)ViewView
 1955-56 Glenorchy New Town  Doug Walton (Glen)ViewView
 1954-55 Glenorchy North Hobart Bert Brownlow (NH)ViewView