Awards - Kim Fazackerley Medal History

The Kim Fazackerley Medal is presented to the best and fairest player in the CTPL Women's competition, as determined by votes cast by the officiating umpires after each home match and away match.


The CTPL Women's Best and Fairest Award is named in honour of Kim Fazackerley, a former international and domestic player who played three Tests and nine One Day Internationals for Australia.


To determine the best player, the two umpires confer after each home and away match and award 3 votes, 2 votes and 1 votes to the players they regard as the best, second best and third best in the match respectively. 


Since the inception of the award in 2009/10, Lauren Hepburn (2010-11 & 2012-13) and Jessica Wuetschner (2010-11 and 2011-12) have won the award two times each.


Kim Fazackerley Medal winners from each season can be seen below


 Season Winner Club
 2020-21 Emma Manix-Geeves  Greater Northern Raiders 



 Emma Thompson

 Emily Mifsud

 Clarence DCC

 New Town CC


 Ashley Day

 University of Tasmania CC
 2017-18 Sterre Kalis University of Tasmania CC
 2016-17 Erin Fazackerley Clarence DCC
 2015-16 Veronica Pyke North Hobart CC
 2014-15 Paris Crowe New Town CC
 2013-14 Belinda Page North Hobart CC
 2012-13 Lauren Hepburn New Town CC
 2011-12 Jessica Wuetchner Lindisfarne CC



 Lauren Hepburn

 Jessica Wuetchner

 New Town CC

 Lindisfarne CC

 2009-10 Amanda Silva University of Tasmania CC