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Emerson Rodwell Medal History


The Emerson Rodwell Medal is presented to the 'best and fairest' player in the CTPL First Grade competition, as determined by votes cast by the officiating umpires after each home and away match.

In 2007, the 'CTPL First Grade Best and Fairest Player Award' was named in honour of Emerson Rodwell (12 April 1921 - 27 February 2011), a former player, commentator and war veteran, who played 293 matches and scored 11703 runs (including 29 centuries) for the Glenorchy District Cricket Club.  

To determine the best player, the two umpires confer after each home and away match and award  3 votes, 2 votes and 1 vote to the players they regards as the best, second best and third best in the match respectively. 

Since the inception of the CTPL Best and Fairest Player Award in 1975-76, South Hobart Sandy Bay all-rounder Adam Polkinghorne has claimed the most Emerson Rodwell Medals with five (2000-01, 2001-02, 2002-03, 2004-05 and 2008-08), followed by Clarence all-rounder Ian Beven with four (1984-85, 1985-86, 1986-87 & 1988-89).

Emerson Rodwell Medal winners from each season can be seen below


 Ian James (Glenorchy) 
 1997-98 Mark Colegrave (Clarence) 
 1976-77 Gary Maynard (North Hobart) 

 1998-99 Brad Thomas (University)
 1977-78 Brent Palfreyman (Sandy Bay)

 1999-00 Josh Marquet (University) &

 Shane Jergensen (Lindisfarne)

 1978-79 Michael Allen (South Hobart)


 Adam Polkinghorne (SHSB)

 David Hughes (Sandy Bay)

 2001-02 Adam Polkinghorne (SHSB)
 Ray Brown (University)

 2002-03 Adam Polkinghorne (SHSB)
 Michael Allen (South Hobart)

 2003-04 Mark Colegrave (Clarence) &

 Graeme Cunningham (University)

 Stephen Henley (New Town)

 2004-05 Adam Polkinghorne (SHSB)
 Michael Tame (Clarence)

 2005-06 Jamie Cox (Lindisfarne) 
 Ian Beven (Clarence)

 2006-07 Stuart H Clark (Kingborough) 
 1985-86 Ian Beven (Clarence)

 2007-08 Alex Doolan (SHSB) 
 Ian Beven (Clarence)

 2008-09 Adam Polkinghorne (SHSB)
 Kevin Treweek (New Town)

 2009-10 Andrew Kealy (University) 
 Ian Beven (Clarence)

 2010-11 Mark Divin (Kingborough) 
 Neil Lenhan (Brighton)

 2011-12 Mark Divin (Kingborough)
 Scott Smith (Glenorchy)

 2012-13 Brett Geeves (Glenorchy)
 Mark Atkinson (New Town)

 2013-14 Jon Wells (Clarence)
 Roger Hughes (Glenorchy)

 2014-15  Luke Butterworth (Glenorchy)
 Brad Thomas (University)

 Daniel Salpietro (Clarence)
 Martin Kelly (Lindisfarne)

 2016-17 Harry Evans (Kingborough) 
 Brad Thomas (University)

 Harry Allanby (Clarence) &

 Caleb Jewell (North Hobart)

 1996-97 Andrew Dykes (Clarence)  2018-19

 Harry Allanby (Clarence)

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